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Mike Shapiro at computer


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Mike Shapiro Remote Lesson
Eric with Mike Shapiro Remote Lesson


Mike is a Juilliard graduate with over 25 years of performing and teaching experience. He has helped people of all different musical backgrounds reach their goals.

Everyone is different, so Mike tailors concepts to each individual student. Whether you're just starting out or you're an advanced player, Mike will work with you on the things you need, to open up your playing and get you to the next level.


Sample Lesson 1 Brian

Sample 1: Rudiments and Orchestrating Rudiments

Sample Lesson 2 Eric

Sample 2: Pocketing a Groove

Sample Lesson 3 Andy

Sample 3: Shuffles

Sample Lesson 4 Dan

Sample 4: Odd Meters


"I took drum lessons from Mike for four years and I really connected to his teaching style. Every lesson was cut in half with the first half focusing on rudiments and formal drumming concepts. The second half was a bit more loose focusing on any music/beats I brought in. I always felt like I was making progress"


Matt Byrne, Hatebreed

“Mike has helped me with my personal growth and personal career”


Jonathan M

"Mike is an awesome drum teacher! From teaching me sticking techniques to transcribing drum parts to ear training, he helps provide drummers with all the tools they need to be well-rounded musicians. He is patient, kind, and super knowledgeable. He also has a gift for immediately identifying weakness areas and helping to address them with rudiments and exercises. I started taking drum lessons in 2009, quit for awhile, then decided to start taking lessons with Mike about a year ago. The best part is, the people I practice with have pointed out how much more musical I sound. There's no better compliment than from the people you play with on a regular basis."


Tammy N

Testimonial with Tammy
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