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Mike began studying with Charles Perry at 8 years old. Through the years he studied with various musicians including David Garibaldi, Michael Carvin, Saul Goodman, Roland Kohloff, Morris Lang and Buster Bailey. Mike has a degree from The Juilliard School. He's been teaching drums since getting his degree.


Some of the artists Mike has worked with include:

50 Shades The Musical, Todd Rundgren, Marcellus Hall, Scores for Ken Burns & HBO, Jonathan Gregg, Forever Dusty The Musical, Richard Julian, Genya Raven, Dakota Staton, Wynton Marsalis, Zubin Mehta and Pierre Boulez.


He has played venues from C.B.G.B.'S to Carnegie Hall in the U.S. and Europe.


Mike uses Vic Firth Drum sticks.







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